Friday, August 05, 2016 The Desi Wonder Woman 6 Comments

Tonight my best, best friend Sumika arrives in Dubai for a few days. She's been vacationing with her family in Turkey and is now coming straight to Dubai from there on a work trip. Naturally she'll be staying with me and both of us are crazy excited about it (N has already been removed from the bedroom, unfortunately - standard SOP). We talk everyday but it's pretty blah living so far from your platonic soulmate so this 3 day trip is pretty special. I.cannot.wait.

Anyway, I've been wanting to wear more browns these days and since the Kylie Lip Kit is all the rage currently, I thought I'd share that this one I'm wearing - Sweet Touch 744 - feels like a close enough dupe of the True Brown (at least from what I can see in pictures, I haven't checked out the actual lipkit). Enjoy, if you're interested.

Sumika's suitcase arrived ahead of her. On purpose. Because she was coming from Turkey, she's letting her luggage go onwards with her family to Karachi. This suitcase with essentials for just three days came with someone else a few days ago. This is an embarrassing level of planning but I find it best to not question these things anymore.

Mid-day treat for myself after back to back calls at my desk. I'm sure you agree that it was deserved.

Super fun coasters by Ponka. You can order anywhere in Pakistan through WhatsApp on this number +92-322-2288321. There's a backstory to these but I'll tell you that another day :O

Bringing out this hand harness I bought quite some time ago from Aldo. It shall be worn today.

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Said it before, saying it again - LOVE the lip colour, and you look super pretty! Every time i think i've got a good range of nudes/browns, i always come across some shade or the other that will make me rethink. Sigh. Also, love the handchain! I had the same one but I think I broke it, lulz. I love handchains but they're always so loose, it doesn't stay put. ._. Happy weekend! xx

  2. You look stunning girl :) i admire u dhairrr sara mashAllah

  3. Wowwwwww... do try Revlon's coffee bean

    Its a lil closer too

  4. Love the lip colour!! The kind of brown I have always wanted to possess in my kitty. <3