Timeout: The Cactus Decor Trend. And More.

Monday, July 04, 2016 The Desi Wonder Woman 17 Comments

1. I've always been crazy for a good cactus and so no one could be happier that it's turning into a 'trend'.  GETYOSELFACACTUS. They're not just goodlooking, they're also super low-maintenance. It'll be the best relationship of your life.

2. This is a DIY for mother's day but you can do it any day, really. I'd do this as a general stand for her to use however and not just for jewelry.

3. Bet you've never seen corn cob look this pretty.

4. This quiz will tell you whether you're an adult.....or pretending to be one, lulz. I got an 80% - not sure currently how I feel about that.

5. I think it's important we all get to find out what Cindy Crawford's beauty tips are. Because, Cindy.

Until next time.


  1. I am also in love with cactus plant these days. & now I want to place a few at my work place.

  2. I am still figuring out this whole adult thing lol:p

  3. Seriously i never thought that corn cab can be look this pretty👍

  4. Wow the quiz was legit an eye opener I cannot look after myself, let alone do my own laundry and whatnot. Knew adulting wasn't really my thing. I knew it.


    1. Man, if someone can do your shit for you, that's a total win (Y)

  5. Your love for plants has totally caught on Shehzeen, i'm planning to add a few to my living room too!! :)

  6. Loved the cactus the diy and cindys article
    .thanks dww

  7. Not quite an adult yet😉 surprisingly that makes me feel good😂