HEY. Hope you guys are having a great Ramzan (and if you’re not Muslim, hope we’re being extra nice to you). Tonight N’s mom arrives in Dubai and stays with us till Eid so we’re both quite excited about having her. This time Ramzan and Eid feels more special than over, I’ve just been in a very festive spirit this whole time. N and I have planned on giving each other small gifts this time around – anything under AED 50 – could be something handmade as well so potentially could be just a piece of paper too. We set a monetary limit so we’d focus more on the gesture and not about getting something ‘great’. I bought this wrapping paper very randomly a few months ago from Magrudy’s in Jumeirah and now I’m terribly excited to use it for our gifting exercise (symbolically appropriate). We told our friends about our idea too and they also joined in, so now we’re all getting each other something. Borderline delirious behavior a couple of weeks ahead when we share the gifts, please consider yourself warned.
Having a big iftari at my place today. Just six people but big by my standards, YAS. Making some chicken alfredo bread as one of items to make love to at 19:00 hours, thanks (that’s iftari time, incase anyone’s confused).
I’m a big believer of simplifying your life. I don’t like it when I get even remotely stressed and like to operate in zen mode most of the time.  So I always get paper plates in Ramzan (started doing this last year, so ‘always’, yeah). It’s a tiny added expense but so functional because you don’t end up spending your entire middle age doing the dishes. Also, since extra action is happening in Ramzan like slipping into food coma and taravih, it just frees up time to do that stuff instead of dying a slow death in the kitchen. These are the nicer plates because we have an iftari today but for everyday I use the lame, boring, white ones.
Love these white chocolate dipped dates with cashews (warning: I can eat the entire box in one go, so never give me one). Usually get these from Geant or Carrefour, they’re by Bayara.
Look what Rituals gave me, you guys. A teacup. Massively crushing on them, hope you understand. I’m going to use it for all my herbals teas but if you like this but don’t like tea, use it as a container for anything and everything (could make a very sexy toothbrush holder for the bathroom). They have a black version selling in store too.
Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. Lovely! This under 50 dirham idea is so good. Are those bamboo plates? So cool . I wnat to crash your place at 19:00 hours 😀 hope you have a good time ??

  2. I love the idea of using paper plates. My aunt in Sharjah and her friends always use paper plates for daawats. Every time there is a get together at my inlaws I suggest to use them.. but the idea gets rejected with 'Acha nahi lagta, log kya kahain gay'

  3. I've missed these Friday posts.

    I might try the gift idea with my hubby too 🙂

  4. this is the 2nd blog of urs im reading n i loved the idea of the plates n the chocolate covered dates is an awesome idea im totally making at home its now more fun to know you im njoying your post good have found u seem like a person i would love?have a great iftar

  5. Love the idea of setting a budget for gifts. Or if the group of people is a bit large 'Secret Santa' is also a good idea. Btw I tried your Chicken Alfredo bread recipe minus the chicken. I used fish, (brilliant idea to get the family to eat some fish ??) it turned out to be yummylicous!

    1. Author

      Secret Santa is perfect for bigger groups. And what an idea to use fish! I think I'll try that sometimes because I also don't have a lot of fish.

  6. The gifting idea is really sweet!
    And those dates?

    – Amna Jamil

  7. Oh my! these plates are so cute. Don't know if they are easily available here in Pak because all i see is white, silver and frozen themed plates everywhere:/

  8. hi,
    I really LIKE your blog! can you please please do a post on annual sales/eid sales in UAE post, and please include shoes and bags. Thanks.

  9. oh god the chocolate dipped dates with cashews are giving me very sexy thoughts ASTAGHFIRULLAH. But Cashews are my fave nut and I love chocolate sooo. Hmm I wanna plan the gift giving thing too 😀 seems like a lovely gesture

    1. Author

      Cashew was my favorite nut until last year, now I've given my heart to Pecans (and incidentally was just telling N about this random fact two days ago :P)

  10. This idea of using paper plates is spot on.
    Me and my friends do this budget gift idea at my workplace. Sometimes it's a hit, sometimes it's not coz not everyone is happy with small gifts. Please do share what you got from family and friends. ?

    1. Author

      Haan, aisa ho sakta hai. Best to do with limited people who wont do out of obligation. Will share (if its good lol)

  11. the budget gift thing is kool and so exciting ..always !

  12. Paper plates have definitely made our lives muchhhh easier.. Whoever started its production is a keeper. These dates look divine. I'll get them the next time i get a chance to, would love to try them 🙂

  13. I know you mean well and I will sound like such a party pooper (boooo at me) but please reconsider the use of paper plates since our environment is already in a pretty messed up condition.

    – Mahnoor

    1. Author

      Hey I TOTALLY considered that. But the reason why I went ahead was because it was a great trade with water consumption. We waste so much water on dishes throughout the month in Ramzan so I feel it's a equal tradeoff. No?

    2. Sadly it is not. It might seem so but it isn't. Paper industry uses bleach which is leached out into oceans and seas. Even if farmed trees are used, it destroys the lives of birds/animals living on them, so it is not a good trade off. One can be even more efficient by using a sink instead of dishwasher. You can do tens of washes with the water used to make those plates.

      Again not trying to sound condescending or anything but imo this is something that we all should be actively aware of.

      – Mahnoor

  14. Those. Dates. Enough. Said.*drool*
    Also YASS love this paper plates tradition, everyone used to do it during ramzan and Eid in the Middle East but in Pakistan somehow no one seems to want to try it, mostly because they love keeping out dishes for the maasi to deal with 🙁

  15. You have fast become my favorite thing on the Internet. My husband is sick of you! ? Love the paper plates.

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