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Finally heading back to Dubai today and definitely not going anywhere for a long, LONG time. Going to be a complete recluse and stay away from any kind of socialising for a good one month so I can get back to feeling normal again. This picture from Lahore last weekend at the guest house where N and his family were staying. The weather had calmed down, particularly on this day it was super pretty, so we hung out and took lots of family pictures and had chai in the grass. Good day.

What I wore to the barat a few days ago. Whoever knows which clothes these are, gets an extra heart emoji from me. I did some serious recycling at this wedding, will post full details next week.

On our last night in Lahore, my eldest brother-in-law took us out for food in old Lahore. We had harissa at Amritsari and kheer & kashmiri chai at the old food street. Who remembers how insanely pretty it used to be at one time? The new one is great but I've always loved the old one more. It's quieter there now but we still had a great time.

Took a train ride back from Lahore to Karachi on Sunday and it was such fun. We took Karakoram and it wasn't the cleanest but N and I had such a great time and we had lots of people with us, that we didn't mind anything at all. Plus I usually shut my brain off when I know something can't be helped and I like to enjoy whatever I've got. Someone else had booked our tickets otherwise I would have taken the Green Line or Night Coach (based on feedback I took from lots of people). I'd definitely recommend a train ride once in a while because it's insanely fun if you have good company. It was an 18 hour ride and trust me when I say, it didn't feel that long AT ALL. If you'd like to try it out, pay a little extra and get a cleaner train/more privacy/nicer loos. N and I are both totally ready to do this again. Special shoutout to the super scenic ride along Punjab, it's GORGEOUS.

Stayed at Sumika's place in Karachi and had SUCHHH a good time. I spent the days with N at his place and would come crash at hers in the evening after she'd get back from work (in laws didn't have enough space during shadi). We talked, had lots of food and went into multiple fits of laughter all throughout. Muneeza was in Lahore and missed it all, her life sucks.

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Are the green clothes from your own wedding? They look familiar and so gorgeous
    Enjoy being back home :)

    - Maheen A

  2. you should align your content

  3. The green ones are from your valima!!! I know... yaayyy!!!

  4. Heyy, share clothes details from that top photo as well black and white ones.

    1. The black shirt is actually a plain black shirt dress that I wear as a kameez, bought it from Stylista (an indian online store). The pants are from Ego. The shawl's my mom's.

  5. This sounds fantastic..even i feel relaxed now that you are home lol