What I'm Doing This Month: January

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 The Desi Wonder Woman 10 Comments

You guys remember this random series I started last month? If you're having trouble (you're breaking my heart, bros), here's the first one.

Now let's talk this month.

What I'm Watching
So N has never seen all of Friends. I'd love to tell you I'm joking but I don't do cruel jokes. Being a huge fan of the show and having seen the episodes on repeat SO many times like almost being on a seizure (I blame our cable guy) I had decided long ago that a day would come when I would take him through the entire series and just get rid of this problem altogether. The day came this month when we started watching right from the beginning and it's been super fun. We're on Season 4 by now and according to N, I've been enjoying like it I've never seen it before.

Also watched Bajirao Mastani last week and really loved it. I haven't been a big fan of such movies - Devdas/Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam/Ram Leela - they really take dramatics to the next level and so I was ready to hate on Bajirao too. But it was great, so don't be judgmental because that's what life's about.

What I'm Reading
Just started 'After The Prophet' by Lesley Hazleton on the plane ride to Lahore. It's apparently all about where the Shia-Sunni split started and it's gripping alright. Uncomfortable at points, sure, but interesting nonetheless. I'm only one-fourth through but can't wait to finish it. Till now I feel it's upto you what you want to take away from the book, so I'd definitely recommend it - but then again I'm only 50 pages down so you never know. One of my best friends gifted this to me on my birthday; I don't think it's available in the UAE and I think you can't even openly read it here which is why I decided to read it on international waters (so technically I'm in the clear if anyone's watching). He got this from Islamabad and brought it over with another book that I'll probably get to next month.

What I'm Listening To
Pretty sure you guys must be done with these songs by now but I'm always late to everything so I'm still on Coldplay's Adventure Of A Lifetime (N loves the ridiculous bandar video) and Justin Beiber's Sorry. Made best friends listen to these on repeat all through our girls' trip, felt very accomplished.

What We've Been Discussing
N and I have been making a list of stuff we'd like to do this year. We've been discussing bits of it over lunch dates and car drives and have really enjoyed building something that so far feels realistic and achievable. We'll lock most of it down now but also keep it as a work in progress so we can continue to add stuff to it over the year whenever we feel like it.

What I'm Loving
The incredible weather in Dubai. It's so, SO good. I wait for this time of the year so hard and this time really missed all of it because of constant traveling so not very happy about that. Life sucks but the weather kicks ass so I'll be fine.

What I'm Eating
If you were following my Thailand trip, you know I've been bingeing on sticky mango rice like a crazy person. Even ordered some in in Dubai because cravings were making me hysterical (but it wasn't that good, so, still feeling pretty crazy).

What I'm Cooking

What I'm Planning

N's brother gets married this weekend and like my own brother, his wedding also happens to be in both Karachi and Lahore. Already in Lahore now where the barat will be and hang out with the family. Then onwards to Karachi for the Valima and then back homeeee. And then not traveling anywhere for a LONG time; my couch time is severely getting compromised.

Until next time.


  1. I really love this series. Especially the book part! I used to miss the book reviews you used to do. Also finding your LOL on cooking too funny. You're the best!

  2. Sis and I watched Bajirao Mastani a while ago and I LOVED it. It was so Bhansali and I think Ranvir is a god but really the ladies made the film what it was.

    For some reason I could never get into Friends. Unpopular opinion but I think it is overrated :P I have been seeing After the Prophet pop up every where on my social media and I dont read non-fiction (except memoirs) but my dad is a fan of Lesley Hazleton so might give this a go :D

    Have fun in Lahore and Karachi! So fun that you get to do it all over again :D

    1. NOOOOO (that was for Friends). And the book I've read some more and it's kind of a stretch. Worth a read but it's not going to be my favorite (Still not done yet so opinion can change :P)

  3. Oh Adventure of a Lifetime is on repeat and I and my boy has come up with a classical dance on the last woo hoo wala tunes k bas. Come to Karachi, let's do some crazy collab.

  4. Loved the discussing part actually envied it haha