Style For Dummies: Favorites from 2015

Style For Dummies: Favorites from 2015

I haven’t done style posts in a while. One, I’ve been away from home for very long. Two, I’ve eaten so much over the last two months, I shit you not, I don’t fit into 95% of my clothes. Anyway, while I try to come up with ways to fit into skinny denim without getting a stroke, here are some shots from the style posts from last year, as a tribute to my lazy, and on some occasions, questionable style (some of them were really from the “what was I thinking” category).

This sweatshirt is my favorite and one of my most worn pieces (even wearing it right now, lulz). It was from the men’s section from Pull & Bear and I hope nothing bad ever happens to it.

My go-to clothes for everything: denim with a basic top and play with accessories. 80% of the time, dressed like this.

Nothing special but used to be my favorite pants. I’ve lost them somehow – serious suspicion on eldest sister having taken them, but she keeps promising (read, lying) that she hasn’t.

Picture that’s going to grow up and be part of a bridal shoot. So lame. Focus on earrings that I love.

If I’m wearing a cap one time a year, I’m definitely putting it here.

Love the monster bag.

This was when I had just finished (or was finishing) the 21 Day Fix and was at my thinnest in YEARS. Can’t fit into these clothes now to save my life – no regrets, the food I binged on was really good (hashtag LOL).

Dots, so obviously.

Never sit for photos, so it’s in.

Never laugh for photos, so it’s in.

 Vampy lipstick + ridiculously long earring.

That’s it. Until next time.


  1. I know you often joke that you have no style but I personally LOVE your style. It's so refreshing to see someone dressed NORMALLY and not like jumping off a runway with obnoxiously overpriced stuff. Keep it up please. For us regular people this is a breath of fresh air. xx Hira

  2. love all of them! especially the cap, so cute!

  3. Sigh the Rang Ja bag is the one that got away. I love your style posts, missing the Sapphire kurta one though 😛

  4. Csnt seem to pick the favorite cuz its all so awesome and so much effort but fine ill pick the sitting one

  5. Why you so cute?

    – Mahnoor

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