Friday, January 15, 2016 The Desi Wonder Woman 6 Comments

It's 9 years today to Abbu. While I don't usually keep a track of the actual date because these things don't really resonate with me (plus I think about him everyday anyway), this year it somehow kept popping up in my head. I gave him this watch, with one of my first paychecks, no fancy brand, just a general gift. And I took it when he passed. I wear it now from time to time and love owning it. The strap's worn out and kind of falling apart but I love it just that way (N keeps asking to refurbish it but I've asked him to stay away from us). I'll say an additional prayer for him today, send him some good vibes/tiny prayers if you have the time. (I wrote something about him on the blog once if you're interested to read).

New namaz gear that I brought back from my Lahore trip in December but only pulled out this week to use. I saw this in my mom's closet and it was brand new, and lying unused, so naturally I stole it. I love the minimal design and the color's a really gorgeous blue. I like.

The gifts I got last week from the other two on our girls' trip. Sumika gave Muneeza and I a framed picture with each of us and a tiny 'Allah' pendant. Muneeza gave me a Jafferjees notebook (she gave Sumika something else). Loved all my stuff, can't wait to start using.

Chocolates that my new sister-in-law to-be from N's side (his brother, for anyone who's lost) sent over with her wedding invite (it's really, really pretty by the way). Their wedding is in a couple of weeks and I'll be heading to Pakistan next weekend, and just like my own brother's, their wedding's in both Karachi and Lahore so ready to do the cycle again, YAS.

Slowly getting back into the work routine this week. With some working lunch of course. Anyone who can get me started on eating healthy again? I've been bingeing since I left for the wedding in December and still going strong. I need help but I'm not ready to take it because, HUNGRY FOR JUNK FOOD.

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. My husband tells me if I am hungry for junk food I am not hungry at all. I tell him he just doesn't understand. :p Every time you mention your parents, I think what a great job they did with you. I hope your dad is at peace. Lots of prayers for him.

  2. Ooooh love Patchi chocolates, Dad got a box a while ago and they were addictive.

    I am really moved whenever you mention your father; he sounds amazing, remembering him in my prayers.

  3. Your father was a gem. Said dua. Readyy for ure wedding madnesd again

  4. That picture with the watch is really moving. Said a prayer for your father.

  5. Loads of prayers your father's way.

  6. Subhana: You get it (Y) Also, loved your comment way too much. Thank you!

    Atiya: Thank you, love that you feel that way. Yay for dads.

    Mikster: Thank youuu (k)

    Auditor: Thank you, I SO appreciate.

    Zarka: Thank you so much <3