What I'm Doing This Month: November

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 The Desi Wonder Woman 7 Comments

In the spirit of sharing all the good stuff, I'm test-driving a new series on the blog today. SO MANY of you have asked for book/movie/music reviews and somehow I just can't bring myself to type those out; lack of expertise on doing a good job as a critic and general low level of passion on creating detailed content around those topics.

So while trying to manufacture something that catered to those things, I decided to take it all the way and make it about alllll the smaller things I'm doing each month and get it all in one place. Music, books, movies, shopping, clothes, food - anything and everything I'm concentrating on that month. Also, I want your suggestions for what you've been loving so we can create an environment of mutual sharing and caring.

TELL ME IF YOU LIKE THIS SERIES (keyboard-screaming as an attention-seeking tactic). I'm doing a test-run, if you guys enjoy it, I'll make it regular.

For now, I'm being mindblowingly creative and calling it "What I'm Doing This Month". I INVITE YOU TO SUGGEST SOMETHING BETTER and I'm definitely going to change it if I love your idea (but don't hate me if I don't).

Here we go: first installment. (I'll be waiting for your feedback like an attention-deprived puppy).

What I'm watching
N and I started watching the new season of The Leftovers this month. We went through the first season last year and quite liked the show but the second season is really, really, REALLY great. It's dark and twisted, but super gripping and very intelligent, so if you're into that kind of stuff, please watch it immediately. Undoubtedly, favorite show currently. (Random fact: The lead guy is Jennifer Aniston's husband).

What I'm listening to
I was stuck on this song last month as well and I'm still on it. DNCE's Cake By The Ocean. It's apparently a metaphor for sex on the beach but I really wish it was just about having cake by the ocean, because that's just a very beautiful thing.

What I'm reading
Just finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad this month and I recommend it to anyone - regardless of whether you want to think about your finances or not. And contrary to what most would imagine, the younger you read it, the better. I wouldn't do most of the things the guy suggests in his book (he himself filed for corporate bankruptcy a few years ago, possibly also a strategic move to protect other assets), however I did appreciate the shift in thinking that the book presented and I'd like to do something about that in my own life. Read it for the concept.

What I'm wearing
My khussas from Nepal. Non-stop. (They're posing in the picture above)

What I'm eating
I've gotten addicted to Daim once again and it's serious. I've been literally having it like peanuts every night and you can clearly see the damage on my waistline but it's so good I can't even begin to care.

What I'm cooking
This won't qualify as cooking for a normal human being but with my limited skills, let's shove this in there: my breakfast everyday. I've been on peanut-butter and banana on toast like crack and I'm not even moderately exaggerating. Making this every single day.

What I'm planning
Last minute shopping for stuff my mom needs for my brother's wedding. And I think I should pick up shadi shoes while I can.

See you next month, if this series appears to be a hit (Like it below to confirm your loyalty to me). 


  1. omg yes yes! love it. so funn. watch your crazy ex-girlfriend if you want to see something easy and fun :P

    1. I LOVE Crazy Ex Girlfriend! Has me in stitches!

  2. I do a similar thing on my blog :D it s a monthly favorites series where me and sis wrap up beauty, lifestyle and all pop culture favorites.

  3. hear drinkee by sofi tucker and you can thank me later :-)

  4. Super awesome seriessssss. Pls continue

  5. Nina: I've been hearing about it, will check it out :D

    Misbah: Done, done, done :)

    Atiya: Great minds ;)

    Rainshadowblog: Just playing it and very catchy! Thank you ;)

    Mikster: Yes mam!