Friday, November 06, 2015 The Desi Wonder Woman 8 Comments

Bought these tights a couple of months ago from Namshi (Dubai-based) but wearing them around the house today for the first time. I want to do these with a black kurta ideally and experiment from the regular but I don't have a black kurta right now so nobody knows when that would happen. Until then, these are my weekend tights.

N's dad is visiting and he brought sheermal for us that we froze then for a more exciting day (I CAN MURDER FOR SHEERMAL, FYI). I woke up today and decided we needed to do a qorma fest with these guys right after Friday prayers. So I pulled them out and N is now heating them up as I type this and also shoving crispy bits into my mouth until the qorma arrives.

Went shoe shopping for N earlier this week and saw these stools at Timberland that I would have definitely snuck out of the store; just too many people around. (And also morals/values/stuff like that).

Got these from Bourjois in the mail yesterday and I'm swooning over the colors. Hope they're super pigmented. Will try them out when face is more presentable (suffering from weekend side effects and looking like a week old chapati).

Earlier this week, our router went crazy and the internet stopped functioning so N and I went down to this cafe near our building and worked out of there. Had food, chai and got lots of emails out of the way. (Also played Township that my best friend's gotten me hooked me on and I don't like that).

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Week old chapati!!!!! Lmao, you, my friend are simply hilarious!!!

  2. Love your tights, will i be too weird if i say i have never tasted sheermal although born and living in pak

  3. I did the printed tights - plain kurta style this past summer. Now I want your tights. Hehe

    - Maheen A

  4. Those lip colors are GORGEOUS. I want!

  5. The tightss are blooodyyy coooool

  6. Jaihan: Haha. Oh man :$

    Sahr: Have it now! Never too late for sheermal :D

    Maheen: I always used to look like a potato in tights so only trying them out now :$

    Atiya: I knew that :P

    Mikster: Thaaannkkkssss

  7. That's not a sheermal. Its called a naan. Also if it was a sheermal you eat it cream, butter or chai. But since it a naan you can eat it with quorma

  8. H.tahir: Umm, that's a sheermal babe. And while it is eaten with meetha stuff, it's also very populatly done with things like nihari, qorma. I mean, why do you want it to be a naan? :p