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I had a lunch with friends at my place today and everyone had a lot of qorma and taftaan. I'm writing this post now with a mild case of food coma and having chai with some Coke Studio. This pictured nailcolor, I'm absolutely IN LOVE with. I don't look too far from Sally Hansen when it comes to nailpolish but happened to check out Inglot a few days ago and was stunned by the range of colors they had. I wanted to get all but decided to control myself and check just one out and see if it performed as well as it looked. And so far it's held up really well. The applicator brush is not as amazing as Sally Hansen and the finish not as shiny but it's pretty great nonetheless and the color range is SO different. Definitely picking up more soon. This one's Inglot 388.

Test driving the tea we got from Nepal today. This one's not the best, but good enough to make it through the box, which I'm definitely keeping long after the chai is gone. I got these teabags for lazy days but also got loose masala tea and excited to make that soon. By the way, the masala tea we had in Nepal was the best masala doodh patti I've had ever. Doodh patti = milk tea.

The prettiest kohlapuris I got this week from Jooti Shooti, hanging out at my place. By the way, I wrote about their gorgeous khussas a couple of days ago, in case you missed it.

This ring. Now it's not my typical style but I immediately fell for the open design. It looks SUPER pretty when you wear it, almost like an illusion. Got it from OMG Jewelz, you can also buy here and we can be twins.

Have a great weekend guys.


  1. I MISSED FRIDAYS POSTS! Love that nail color a lot. And the ring is beautiful!

  2. The ring!!
    Love the kohla puris! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. I lovvvveee the nailcolorrr and absolutely in love with your photophraphy skills i mean LOOK at the blood kolhapuri picture man. And would like to see your wearing the ring pls

  4. Loving the nail color and the ring and the kola puri,love love love friday posts

  5. Sana: Thank youuuuu
    Sania: Thanks babe! xx
    Mikster: Yes mam, on it!
    Sahr: Love your feedback!